Service and Maintenance


Ready to book your Service & Maintenance with Morphett Air?

You probably already know that here at Morphett Air our specialty is providing sound, expert advice when it comes to making the right selection of air conditioning system to suit your needs, your comfort and your lifestyle. But did you know that the people that install the equipment are also fully qualified to diagnose, service, repair and maintain your air conditioning as well?

Sadly, unlike those who have completed a 3-day installation ticket (who are not qualified to repair your system), our techs can do the lot! Their diagnostic skills are exceptional. If you’re not convinced, we recommend that you take a look at our positive reviews click here.

Before scheduling the appointment, our office will forward you an email explaining the charges in detail, so that you are fully aware from the get go.

Upon the initial service call, if it’s possible to repair the system there and then, they’ll do it. Alternatively, should your system require parts or further repairs, we will provide a quotation to you in writing prior to commencement.

By keeping you informed every step of the way when it comes to cost, there can be no nasty surprise bills because being transparent with costings is critical for your peace of mind.

General Servicing & Maintenance

A: Would you wait until there’s a problem with your car before getting it serviced? Like anything with mechanical working parts, it pays to have it serviced regularly to prevent breakdown or other issues when you need it the most. Neglecting to maintain your system can decrease the units performance, thus increasing your running costs.
A: For a wall split system, we would recommend having it serviced every two years (approximately) and similar for a ducted system. Tip: Make sure you clean your filter regularly!!
A: As a rule of thumb, you would expect that a general service on a wall split type air conditioner will take around a half hour, while a general service on a ducted system would take approximately one hour.
A: The following items are usually covered (but not limited to):
  • Check Refrigerant Levels
  • Carry out leak detection if necessary using specialised equipment
  • Inspect and clean Filter(s)
  • Check coil temperatures
  • Inspect printed circuit boards
  • Inspect fan motors/bearings
  • For ducted systems, will also carry out general inspection of duct and fittings, to ensure no air leaks, test zone motors are all working sufficiently etc
Following the service, the service technician should provide you with a written report as well as make any recommendations which would generally be followed up with a written quotation. Air Conditioning Filter Did you know that if your filter is dirty or clogged, it will restrict the amount of airflow and therefore dramatically reduce the units efficiency. By cleaning (or replacing) your filter will help to increase efficiency by as much as 5% – 15%.
A. There is no definitive answer to this question due to the fact that no two houses are the same. How quickly the filters become dirty can be determined by:
  • Frequency of use
  • Whether you have pets living inside
  • Carpet or tiles etc
As a guide though, you should at least check your filter(s) every 6-8 weeks. You will soon get a feel for how often they become dirty thereafter. For further information regarding cleaning your filter, please watch this video from our YouTube Channel:

Condensate Drains

This is one very important item that should be checked during a general service!
The condensate drain helps to shift the condensation (water) that is produced from the indoor fancoil unit during the Summer months, whilst the unit is in Cooling Mode.

If the drain becomes blocked or does not have a sufficient fall, condensation will back up and either come through the front of your wall split type unit making a mess of your wall and carpet or for a ducted system will overflow into your roof space. Every ducted system, should also have a safety tray beneath the indoor fancoil in your roof cavity for this reason. That is, if the primary drain does become blocked and overflows, the condensation runs into the safety tray and not your roof cavity. Both primary and secondary drains are run to an external point.

Tip: It is good practice to run the secondary drain (from the safety tray) out and through the eave of your home. This is so that if you see condensation dripping from this drain, it would indicate that your primary drain is already blocked and you need to get it inspected by a qualified service technician!

Note: Condensation will only come from the indoor unit whilst on Cooling mode. When the unit is operating on Heating, the condensation will come from the outdoor unit.

Air Conditioning Coils

Both the indoor unit and outdoor units have a coil. The filter helps to protect the indoor fancoil from becoming dirty and clogged with dust. If the fancoil is blocked, this will dramatically affect the performance and efficiency. It could also cause a malfunction of other working components within the unit.

While it is easier to remove the filters of your wall split system to carry out a visual inspection of the indoor unit coil, this is not straight forward on a ducted system and should be carried out by a qualified service technician.

The outdoor unit coil should also be inspected to ensure that it is not congested with dust, pet hair, lawn clippings, spider webs, twigs, leaves and other debris to again avoid decreased efficiency and potential malfunction.

Clear away any debris from the outdoor unit using a broom or brush.

Note: Also ensure that any bushes or shrubs in front or near the unit are kept pruned back as this can potentially reduce the airflow around the unit (recirculation). This will cause system inefficiency and potential compressor malfunction.


For general maintenance & Technical Issues:

I/We authorise Morphett Air Conditioning Pty Ltd (trading as Morphett Air) and its representative to enter our premises to carry out general maintenance, and or a diagnosis on our air conditioning unit.

I acknowledge and accept that the fees for service are as follows:

$182.60 Inc. GST for the Service Call Out which includes the first half an hour of labour

$41.80 Inc. GST will be charged per 15 minutes thereafter or part thereof

I acknowledge and accept that payment will be made in full on the day of the visit. Failure to do so may result in interest being charged on the outstanding amount at a rate of 1.5% per day for each day following the service visit.

Payment will be made by Cash or Credit Card. Should I wish to pay by Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT), this will need to be processed and a payment receipt presented to the service technician prior to leaving site.

Should further repairs or alterations be required, I understand that I will be sent a quotation, however the fee for the general service or diagnosis will be made on the day of the initial visit without exception.

I/we hereby understand and accept these terms and wish to proceed on this basis.

For supply only purchase online:

I/we authorise Morphett Air Conditioning Pty Ltd (trading as Morphett Air) to process a payment on my credit card for this transaction and have read, understood and accept all of the specified terms and conditions and full conditions of sale.

I have also read and accept the Conditions of Warranty with this purchase.