Inverter Wall Split System

Our team of installers are not only fully qualified and very skilled technicians, but we back their installation with a full 5-year workmanship warranty.

What’s classified as a“standard” wall split installation?

A “standard” installation is generally referred to as a straight “back to back” type of installation in a single storey home.

Just as the name suggests, the internal head unit is wall mounted internally on an external wall (meaning, a wall that is part of the external parameter of the home).

The refrigeration pipes and electrical cable that connects the indoor to the outdoor unit pass straight through the external wall and straight down to the unit which sits on the ground directly behind the internal unit. Thus, the internal unit and the external unit are “back to back” from one another.

What’s included in a standard back to back installation?

  • Outdoor unit positioned directly behind indoor unit
  • Outdoor unit on ground
  • Outdoor elevated on mounting blocks (elevates bottom of unit by approx. 100mm off the ground
  • Connecting pipes and electrical cable concealed in pvc pipe cover
  • Dedicated circuit breaker in switchboard and up to 15m from switchboard to outdoor unit location (where applicable)
  • Isolation switch next to outdoor unit (where applicable)
  • Indoor unit mounted up to 3m in height from ground level
  • Subject to site inspection

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