Why Choose Morphett Air to fully install ?

When your system is fully installed by Morphett Air, you can be assured that you’re in good hands. We have hand selected our team of installers who are all fully qualified and extremely well versed with all aspects of the installation and years of experience to boot!

In today’s market, our industry is overpopulated with wall split installers who have completed a three-dayinstallation course where our highly skilled installers completed their full five-year apprenticeship many moons ago…hmm which one to choose…it’s a no brainer isn’t it?

Not only are our installers top notch, but they’re also the very people who service, maintain, diagnose and repair what we install as well. They’re all-rounders and very good at it!

Upon completion of the electrical installation, our A-Class sparky (that’s industry speak for “electrician”) will complete a Certificate Of Compliance (COC) for your records.

On the other hand…

You could purchase your new Wall Split System from a retailer, get handed an “installers” business card (usually a 3-day course guy) and when he decides to turn up, he installs it no worries. But if (or when) things turn sour, who do you call? The retailer will recommend that you contact the installer, if he has done a 3-day course he’s not actually licensed to fix it or, the installer screens his calls and doesn’t call you back, you contact the retailer again and around and around it goes! Errghh!! You get the picture.

The Morphett Air Advantage means that if there happens to be an issue later down the track, you only need to contact our office and speak to one of our friendly staff and we’ll get it sorted for you.


For general maintenance & Technical Issues:

I/We authorise Morphett Air Conditioning Pty Ltd (trading as Morphett Air) and its representative to enter our premises to carry out general maintenance, and or a diagnosis on our air conditioning unit.

I acknowledge and accept that the fees for service are as follows:

$182.60 Inc. GST for the Service Call Out which includes the first half an hour of labour

$41.80 Inc. GST will be charged per 15 minutes thereafter or part thereof

I acknowledge and accept that payment will be made in full on the day of the visit. Failure to do so may result in interest being charged on the outstanding amount at a rate of 1.5% per day for each day following the service visit.

Payment will be made by Cash or Credit Card. Should I wish to pay by Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT), this will need to be processed and a payment receipt presented to the service technician prior to leaving site.

Should further repairs or alterations be required, I understand that I will be sent a quotation, however the fee for the general service or diagnosis will be made on the day of the initial visit without exception.

I/we hereby understand and accept these terms and wish to proceed on this basis.

For supply only purchase online:

I/we authorise Morphett Air Conditioning Pty Ltd (trading as Morphett Air) to process a payment on my credit card for this transaction and have read, understood and accept all of the specified terms and conditions and full conditions of sale.

I have also read and accept the Conditions of Warranty with this purchase.