Energy Efficiency

Important Notice

Please take careful notice of the Air conditioning "Ducting and Componentry" outlined below! This part of the ducted air conditioning installation is equally as important as the quality of the air conditioning unit itself, and will be the difference between a system that costs you excessive money to run and one that will save you in running costs for the long term.

Did you know that with inferior quality air conditioning ducting, you can lose up to 10 degrees by the time the air reaches the room in heat gain/heat loss alone?!

If you are unsure of what type and quality of air conditioning componentry our competitor is offering as part of their quotation, please contact our office to discuss the differences because they will definitely make a difference to your running costs!

"There is no sense in installing an air conditioning system in your home that you cannot afford to run!" You might as well just leave your money in the bank!

Before you do anything else, please watch this video:

Ducting & Componentry - Energy Efficient Ducting:

Using "Energy Smart" R1.5 thermal rated ducting will dramatically reduce any potential heat gain (in Summer) and heat loss (in Winter). Morphett Air Conditioning chooses to use Ductair's "Energy Smart" flexible duct with a 1.5 thermal rating, which far exceeds the Australian Building Code for all of South Australia!

ALWAYS ensure that you are familiar with what thermal rating duct you are being offered because this is where you will either save money or waste money in running costs! Remembering that you will lose up to 10 degrees by the time the air reaches your room with inferior quality ducting.

So please be warned, many other componentry manufacturer's falsely claim that that they have superior duct because they produce a 75mm Polyester duct where "Energy SmartTM" duct is 60mm.Sounds good in theory, however don't just look at the insulation thickness, it is more important to know the actual "thermal rating" of the duct. (F.Y.I .The 75mm Polyester ducting has a thermal rating of R1.0 and the 60mm Rockwool ducting has a thermal rating of R1.5! The insulating properties (or thermal ratings) tell us the full story!

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What are the benefits of a Ductair Energy Smart System?

- Save up to 45% on running costs of your heating and cooling per year
- Save up to 45% greenhouse gas emissions on your heating and cooling per year
- Virtually eliminates excess peak power demand, ensuring comfort in extreme conditions
- Nearly double the capacity of your ducted air conditioning system

Not Convinced? Want Proof?
a MUST READ document from the University of South Australia...

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The “FlexRight” System:

Unfortunately in the air conditioning game most installers tend to be a bit lazy and will cut corners at every opportunity. Sometimes when a duct length is a bit short, the installer will stretch the duct onto the ceiling register (or outlet). This will sometimes "kink" the duct as it connects to the register causing restrictions with air flow as well as placing unnecessary stress on the ducting.

At Morphett Air we have adopted a very clever idea that will eliminate both of these concerns by using the "FlexRight" system! The FlexRight is a small addition that we add to each outlet that connects to the neck adapter on the top of the ceiling register.

With its unique arched design the fitting allows the duct to arch easily and connect to the neck adaptor allowing for perfect air flows.


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"Siemens" heavy duty drive open/drive close Zone motors (NOT SPRING RETURN).
The motors are a "START/STOP" motor and ARE NOT continual drive motors that most air conditioning companies offer.

This motorised zone damper utilises a Siemens damper actuator, offering a drive open and drive close solution with a positive seal allowing no leakage. The activator will turn off in the open or closed position.

Other money saving benefits of the Siemens Motorised Damper include:

- Safe, sure and reliable
- No duct blow offs
- No leaks

Motorised damper barrel has the "V" clamping system / stop motors will only activate for the open or close function and will sit idle at all other times.

Siemens zone motors are backed by a 15 year warranty on replacement of motor AND INCLUDES 15 YEARS ON LABOUR. The labour warranty is also rare in this industry.

If a return air grille is undersized, you will dramatically increase the noise levels, resulting in whistling. We will also ensure that regardless of distance between the Return Air Grille location and the indoor unit, we will use as an absolute minimum of 6 metres of flexible ducting between the two. This will help to reduce any noise transfer from the indoor unit itself to the Return Air vent, ensuring your Return Air is whisper quiet.

NOTE: With regards to the filtration side itself, have you ever wondered why the manufacturers have developed better filtration systems for Wall Split systems and still only use a standard filter media (or dust collector) for Ducted Systems? What about all of the dust, viruses, bacteria and other nasties that do get through?

Well now you can relax because Ductair are proud to introduce their new “Ductair Natural Air” (DNA) filtration” system. Ductair DNA with Flanders media has the highest dust holding capacity and lowest pressure drop than any other media in its class. This means that it has the best filtration available but won’t compromise the effectiveness of your system.

Breathing airborne pollutants often trigger allergy, asthma and hay fever symptoms. As house dust, mould, virus carriers and pollen are captured by the Ductair Natural Air (DNA) filter; we generally breathe easier and have fewer symptoms. Having a high quality air filter installed in a well maintained ducted air conditioning system can result in a cleaner, healthier indoor environment for your family.

Ductair’s DNA filters help protect your family against:

- Pet dander
- Dust and dust mite debris
- Pollen
- Virus carriers
- Mould and bacteria

More Hospitals, Doctor’s Surgery’s, Nursing Homes, Rehabilitation Centres and Aged Care facilities are retrofitting
with this type of filtration now that this technology is available and why wouldn’t they?

So ask yourself the question: “Why should I just settle for a standard old dust collector?”

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Return Air Acoustic Enhancement:

Unlike most air conditioning suppliers, Morphett Air chooses to use R1.0 Rated (Tested to Australian Standard AS4254), 70mm SUPERIOR PLUS ACOUSTIC (polyester) ductwork from the return air side of the unit to your Return Air grille(s).

The inner skin of this duct is lined with a black acoustic fabric, preventing any potential noise relating to airflow as well as noise transfer from from the unit. Regardless of how close the indoor unit is from the Return Air vent in the roof space, we will allow for a minimum of 6 metres of ducting connecting the unit and the grille together. This will also dramatically reduce the issue of noise transfer leaving your Return Air whisper quiet.

We will only use polyester duct on the return side of the system due to the main focus being acoustics rather than thermal rating which is imperative on the supply side of the unit.

Joiner Fittings:

Metal Collar Y-piece joiners with V-clamp system and are insulated with (CFC Free) foam spray insulation.

Ductair manufacture all fittings from corrosion resistant steel for superior strength.

The V-clamps on each fitting prevent ducts from blowing off of the fitting which is an extremely common occurrence with plastic fittings. (We will not use plastic fittings under any circumstances).

Ceiling Outlets (Supply Air):

Morphett Air chooses to use Ductair’s Powder-Coated Aluminium multi-directional outlets. With all other fittings between the unit and the ceiling outlet being metal and not inferior plastic, why would you then connect a plastic outlet? It makes sense that the ceiling outlet itself should also be a sturdy, premium aluminium product. The benefits over the inferior plastic are that plastic outlets tend to creak and crack due to expansion and contraction as they warm up and cool down which can be annoyingly frustrating, particularly in the bedroom while you’re trying to sleep!


More importantly, most plastic ceiling outlets tend to discolour and almost appear to look yellow after a while. Even cleaning the outlets will not prevent the outlets from discolouring over time. Your Return Air Grille is Powder Coated Aluminium (or at least it should be) in order to help prevent dust sticking and thus discolouring, so why wouldn’t you do the same for your ceiling outlets?

Each of the individual squares can be easily removed for cleaning if necessary, resulting in a fresh, clean and a pristine white colour for longer! Being multi-directional also means that each of the four sections can face in any direction which will assist during the commissioning stage to direct the airflows ensuring your comfort.

Air Balancing:

At Morphett Air conditioning Adelaide, each ceiling outlet installed in your system is fitted with an additional Manual Damper Blade to ensure even airflow distributions when air balancing the system. Unlike most companies who fail in this area by installing one or two air balancing blades or none at all, Morphett Air Conditioning insists that this is considered part of the installation to ensure your comfort.

As standard practice, we will ALWAYS air balance the system to ensure that the air flows are similar in each of the rooms. Without air balancing a ducted system, you will always find that there is too much air in some rooms and not enough in others. An age old and very common problem experienced.

More to know than what they'll have you believe isn't there? Still want more?

Feel free to contact one of our friendly staff at Morphett Air conditioning Adelaide on 82770511 or visit our contacts page below for more information.