About Us

Are you sick and tired of being given the run around?

Being promised one thing but what you end up with is completely different? Who to trust and who not to trust?

Finding that all the information you are receiving is completely conflicting?

Morphett Air is a family owned and operated business with over 40 years experience in the air conditioning industry. We have always been of the opinion that if you offer solid, honest and unbiased advice, the work will come back to you ten fold in terms of referrals. Even if this means that we miss out on a job the first time round, we would rather do that than tell our client what they want to hear. Eventually, they will realise that our advice was the right advice in the first instance.

We often see that if we miss out the first time, that client will come back to us on the second and third project. If you’re offering honest and right advice the first time round, you have nothing to hide and you can have confidence in the advice your offering because you have the proof to back it up!

So to end the confusion and set you on the right path for making informed choices, you can be sure you’ve landed in the right place. (Consider yourself one of the fortunate ones!)

Established Since 1973

Morphett Air Conditioning Adelaide is a Multi-Award Winning, family owned and operated air conditioning business that has been providing air conditioning to Adelaide South Australia since 1973.

(I know, we’re getting on a bit…)

We pride ourselves on providing the highest quality and most energy efficient air conditioning that money can buy in today’s market and this is proven by our track record of repeat business from our past clients (oh and don’t forget to check out our testimonials).

Morphett Air Conditioning insists on using  Panasonic, Mitsubishi Electric and Hitachi Air conditioners combined with Ductair or Polyaire ducting and componentry giving our clients complete piece of mind that their system will surpass their expectations in terms of efficiency, noise levels and comfort.

Unlike most air conditioning businesses, Morphett Air Conditioning not only sells air conditioning but we also maintain and service air conditioners and especially those that we install, under warranty or not. Although our personal clients receive priority service, we also cater our servicing division for a large residential and commercial client base. Our service fully qualified technicians are highly skilled and have exceptional diagnostic abilities.

All of our servicing and installation team will treat your home like it is their own and as you would agree, this is a rare quality in any industry!

You can also forget pressure selling here! We are not on commissions and therefore are not going to pressure you into making rash decisions. We want you to be comfortable that you are making the right informed decision and we are here to offer a solution to your needs. We listen and will offer any guidance where possible. Being consumers of goods and services ourselves, we cannot stand being pushed into a decision either. Particularly one where with the right advice can save you a small fortune!

So be sure to contact our office in order for us to explain to you ALL of the facts you need to know when selecting the right air conditioning system to suit your comfort and life style.